Kosrae State Government
Department of Resources and Economic Affairs
Where is Kosrae?
Utwe Village
Sitting gem-like in the vast setting of the Pacific Ocean - some 2,400 miles north of Australia, 2,000 miles southeast of Japan, and 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii, Kosrae is relatively unheard of. The islands of the Federated States of Micronesia, Kosrae included, remain to this day an almost virgin territory - one of the last real frontiers on the planet.
Kosrae is the second largest island in the FSM with 43.2 square miles of land are. The ancient volcanoes create an interior with steep mountain ridges and peaks. This undisturbed upland is covered with tropical rain forest that is home to many species of rare plants and animals. Dense jungle occupies the sloping, fertile land from the interior to the coast al zone. Large areas of mangrove forest maintain the beautiful coral reef that surrounds Kosrae.
Utwe Village
Marine Resources on Kosrae
Kosrae's abundant marine resources offer the greatest potential for sustainable development. The Economic Exclusive Zone (approximately 200 miles) is home to one of the largest tuna stock in the world. Aquaculture for commercial harvest around the inshore areas and sport fishing tourism present additional opportunities for investment.

Investors considering making Kosrae a center for commercial fishing operations will enjoy cost savings and benefits through a complete set of industry services including grading, documentation, and savings on fishing licenses. which will provide a competitive edge.
Kosrae Map
The waters surrounding Kosrae contain the world's largest tuna stocks.
Agricultural Resources on Kosrae
Kosraean Produce
The fertile slopes of the ancient volcaanoes have helped Kosrae build a strong reputation for quality produce throughout Micronesia. The island's high quality citrus fruits: limes, tangerines, and oranges offer exciting potential for investment. A number of additional exotic fruits and plants, including copra, banana, eggplant, soft taro, squash, and kava complete an intriguing palette of opportunities.

The Micronesian Plant Propagation Research Center (tissue culture) at Tofol and the State's programs to start numerous small agricultural farmers for commercial purpose and drain 
swamp areas for additional agricultural land adds to the strengths Kosrae can offer investors within processing and harvesting in agriculture.

An abundance of Kosraean fruits
Tourism Opportunities
Being one of the few truly "untouched" pearls in the Pacific Ocean, Kosrae gives tourists a unique chance to escape from their hectic lives in more advanced countries. The combination of the delicate and beautiful coral reef, dense lush jungle, fascinating culture and people offers great investment opportunities within tourism. A ring of mooring buoys surround Kosrae, facilitating diving and fishing activities. In accordance with the state's economic development strategy, Eco-tourism and other sustainable business activities such as diving, sport fishing and cultural sightseeing are expected to play an increasingly important role.

Hiroshi Point Diving
Hiroshi Point